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Confinement is a horror game I worked on in my Master's Degree (MA Games Enterprise) where the project was entered into Tranzfuser.

Confinement is a first-person horror game based on a spacecraft that has paranormal activities with horrifying events occurring which makes the protagonist quest what is real or not. 

On this project, I was the Director and worked alongside a small team, my roles included level design, game design and producer.  As a level designer, I planned the level layouts and content which was then communicated to the team, I worked closely in conjunction with a pool of other designers who were responsible for the mechanic design as well as the coding cohort and the audio designer and artists.

  • I was the leader of the project making sure that I directed the team to the vision of the project.

  • My over duties included Level/Game Designer on this project 

  • The project was entered into Tranzfuser

  • My task included clear communication and designing documentation and GGD of the project.

Tranzfuser Project

This project was a project I built in my master's at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, the main purpose of this project was to aim for Tranzfuser which the team accepted. In this project, I was the team lead which required me to direct a team and the vision of the project throughout development. 


A brief description of the game:- Confinement is a first-person psychological horror game that is based upon a space station that has paranormal activities aboard such as environmental changes and sighting of unknown entities. 



Documentation for the project - 

These are badges I achieved in the Tranzfuser competition and my roles in this project.


Link to badges achieved here 

Roles and Responsiblities 

  • Directing and leading the team on the project.

  • Producing the team using project management tools and assigning tasks

  • Designing and writing the GDD keeping all documentation up to date

  • Focusing on level design, environment and lighting

  • Narrative design and story writing including overall vision

  • Helping with technical tasks such as scripting with blueprints

  • Keeping high attention to detail 

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