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Level Design
Writing and Narrative

Narrative Games 


The Longest Journey was a branching narrative design project in the MA Games Enterprise course which was associated with the BBC using their own in-house tool called "Storyformer". 

This was done in a small team of three where my focus was to create and write the branching narrative, this was prototyped in-branch tracked then implemented into Storyformer.  As Storyformer is currently a tool used in the BBC it had limitations to convert into an HTML format, I converted the project over into Twine and uploaded the project onto

  • My duties included prototyping the branching narrative.

  • Writing and outlining the story.

  • Implementing the narrative in a variety of narrative design software.

  • Communicating with the artist to get the vision of the story in a visual medium.



Pennylane Screenplay Sample


Erotic Comedy

A small example of a screenplay using Final Draft, I produced a written version of the project I worked on in my degree of how it would play out in a screenplay/movie. 

This project was a collaboration in which I turned a book into a screenplay. The book is an erotic comedy based on the book "Find Me" written by K.L.Jones 

Link to the book can be found on Amazon 


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