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Cyberman was a short game jam project that was created in a week, the project was created in Gamemaker using GML coding which is specific to the Gamemaker Engine. The project was created for a company called ThirdSpace which deal with cyber security, ThirdSpace wanted a project to feature on their website something people can play to get a better understanding of the company by a visual medium. 


Click here to read the documentation - 

To play the game click here - 

Roles And Responsiblities

  • Coding and implementing gameplay using GML 

  • Designing the gameplay and overall design decisions 

  • Team lead of the project using project management tools to help manage the team

  • Working on game balancing monitoring iterations based on feedback loops.

  • Creating the UX and UI of the project

  • Creating enemy spawning AI 

  • Monitoring gameplay, flow & feel to the desired UX.

CYBERMAN tutorial.png
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