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Gamejam Homicide 


Level Design 


  • 48hrs to create a playable game for the global game jam 2022

  • I undertook all level design, scene lighting and post-processing as well as providing additional modelling support. 

  • Local 2 player hot-seat

  • Solving multi-tiered puzzles would allow players to advance. 

  • Target demographic was 8+. 

Gamejam Homicide was a project created by myself and a small team in the global game jam 2022. The game was created in a short span of 48hrs 
the project itself was a team effort and I primarily filled the role of level designer. I planned the level layouts and content which was then communicated to the team. I worked closely in conjunction with programmers (who were responsible for the mechanic design and the programming language in unity) as well as the audio designer.

Click here to download the game project - 

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