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Sniper Elite 5 - Kraken Awakes DLC

The Kraken Awakes mission is the first DLC for Sniper Elite 5 where Karl is tasked to destroy the advanced aircraft carrier which is part of Project Kraken. I was responsible for the main narrative design and dialogue barks within the level. I also worked on the level design throughout parts of the map.

As a member of the design team, I carried out many different activities and tasks during the productions, ranging from FMV to Dialogue editing within Excel, which included Karl's voice lines and also enemy convictions. I also worked on level design blackouts of the map in various areas and worked with artists to get the best full experience for the player. 
Sniper Elite 5 has been released on PC, Xbox & and PlayStation platforms. 

  • I served as a Narratiive and Level Designer on the project including other tasks with inputting logic into the level. 

  • I wrote the FMV cutscenes and also came up with the idea for the main story of the final DLC which was to eliminate Vogel and put a stop to Kraken once and for all!

  • I was also tasked with creating documentation and research design to give the final episode of sniper elite 5 an explosive ending!

Roles And Responsiblities

  • Narrative design in the level which includes main character V.O - Dialogue lines and conversations between enemy AI

  • Developing levels from block-out to final release and iterating upon them alongside the environment artists based on director feedback and needs of the story elements to fit with the narrative profile.

  • Blocking out and building upon gameplay mechanics to ensure the most interactive gameplay experience for the player. 

  • Worked on the FMV of the opening screen and final screen to send the story to a compelling end. 

  • Balancing and adjusting the pacing of the level design and flow. 

  • Creating the moment-to-moment game flow and logic 

  • Worked with a small team of designers and artists to make the end product 


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