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Logline -  A dog gets kidnapped by criminals and is on a journey back home to be reunited with his owner.  



What is The Longest Journey? - The Longest Journey is a branching narrative adventure choose your own game that was designed in Twine, it was created by myself and two others in a group. I worked on the narrative story and branching, Sam Alexander-ford worked on the Art and Tira Pace did edits.

The Longest Journey was a task given to me and a group at the University of South Wales to do a small project with the BBC creating a story narrative using a tool called "StoryFormer" which is an official tool used in house which was used on a TV series called "His Dark Materials".  I used BranchTrack to design the story implemented it into Storyformer and then converted the project in its final stages into Twine.  

To see the process you can read the documentation here - 

Roles And Responsiblities

  • Creating the story and branching using tools such as Twine, Branchtrack and Storyformer.

  • Implementing the code using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Writing the story vision and creation of the project

  • Creating branching narrative and early design choices

  • Balancing and adjusting the pacing of sequences based on playtesting

  • Creating the moment-to-moment game flow and logic for the games branching narrative 

  • Editing and finailising the finished project with meticulous attention to detail

  • Leading the team and producing the team to direct the projects vision


Image display of the branching in storyformer which was created for the BBC

Image display of the branching converted into Twine to display the visual process. In Twine, I was able to convert to HTML and able to upload the project on Itch.Io.



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